Gringa en Lima


Take a bite out of Lima

Lima restaurant ceviche

Hola! My name’s Sarah Hodges, but my friends in Lima call me gringa. Some people eat to live, but I absolutely live to eat! A few years ago, I landed in Peru for work. I picked up a fork and a knife, dove head first into the most delicious cuisine on earth and fell in love with Lima restaurants.

Lima is a culinary gem; with every turn you’ll find a bounty of fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, rich spices and to top it off, pisco! From chifa to ceviche and lomo saltado, if you have a craving, you’ll satisfy it in Lima.

Whether you’re snacking on goodies from the bakery at T’anta or enjoying a decadent meal at La Gloria, every bite is a treat when you’re taking a tour of vibrant Peruvian food. 

Curb your ceviche craving


Some of the best chefs in the world are camped out in Peru whipping up magnificent meals, and I want to help you find them! I’ve pulled together this guide to take you on a tour of my favorite Lima restaurants.

My days of working in Peru are behind me, but I still hop on a flight at every chance I get to savor the scrumptious flavors of Lima restaurants. Check out a few of my favorites below:

  • Miraflores Restaurants
  • Barranco Restaurants
  • San Isidro Restaurants

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