Gringa en Lima

There's a new kid on the block in Miraflores, and it's giving the neighborhood favorites a run for their money. With an herb garden out back and a chef's table right smack in the middle of the kitchen, Central is the new hot spot in town.
After an indulgent night at La Gloria, Daniela and I were sure we wouldn't be up for a three-course lunch, but by the time 1:00 rolled around, we were headed for Central, stomachs grumbling. The restaurant was booming with the typical Limeno lunch crowd as we made our way through the chic bar to a seat near the glass window overlooking everyone hard at work in the kitchen.

We dove into a piqueo from the chef, as assortment of homemade deep fried yuca, sweet potato and purple potato chips with dollops of delicious vegetable purees. While we waited for our entrees, we curbed our appetites with a quad of artisan peanut, coca, parmesan and traditional breads accompanied by a delicious avocado salsa. Check out the presentation!

I wouldn't want to disappoint blog readers by ordering a simple salad, so instead, I went straight for the chonco (you only live once, right?!). A succulent piece of roasted pork was accompanied by a small cast iron pot of white bean puree, chopped peanuts and a verdura salsa. You better believe I was scraping the bottom of that little cast iron pot for every ounce of white bean puree I could get my hands on! Mmm...delish!

Calle Santa Isabel 376
Phone. 242-8575

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