Gringa en Lima


Take a bite out of Lima

Lima restaurant ceviche

Hola! My name’s Sarah Hodges, but my friends in Lima call me gringa. Some people eat to live, but I absolutely live to eat! A few years ago, I landed in Peru for work. I picked up a fork and a knife, dove head first into the most delicious cuisine on earth and fell in love with Lima restaurants.

Lima is a culinary gem; with every turn you’ll find a bounty of fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, rich spices and to top it off, pisco! From chifa to ceviche and lomo saltado, if you have a craving, you’ll satisfy it in Lima.

Whether you’re snacking on goodies from the bakery at T’anta or enjoying a decadent meal at La Gloria, every bite is a treat when you’re taking a tour of vibrant Peruvian food. 

Curb your ceviche craving


Some of the best chefs in the world are camped out in Peru whipping up magnificent meals, and I want to help you find them! I’ve pulled together this guide to take you on a tour of my favorite Lima restaurants.

My days of working in Peru are behind me, but I still hop on a flight at every chance I get to savor the scrumptious flavors of Lima restaurants. Check out a few of my favorites below:

  • Miraflores Restaurants
  • Barranco Restaurants
  • San Isidro Restaurants

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Zika may cause miscarriages, thin brain tissue in babies carried to term Johns Hopkins analysts tell you that in early being pregnant in mice with complete defense systems, Zika pathogen can combination the placenta-intended to safeguard the developing fetus-and seems to lead to a higher %age of miscarriages also to babies given birth to with thin human brain tissue and swelling in mind cells . By administering Zika computer virus straight into the reproductive tract of pregnant mice with an intact disease fighting capability, the researchers discovered that the Zika pathogen seems to create disorganization within the cellular levels from the placenta that keep poisons, bacteria and infections from crossing. Continue reading

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At Parkview INFIRMARY in Pueblo, the city’s safety-net medical center that views many Medicaid sufferers, the pace of newborns dependent on opioids skyrocketed from 0.7 per 1,000 this year 2010 to 20.8 in 2012. The speed hovers around 10, and doctors possess noted a change from prescription medications such as for example Oxycontin to road drugs, heroin mainly, lately. For Isabella, the symptoms of neonatal abstinence symptoms were gentle. She came near requiring methadone, but doctors, nurses and her parents could actually obtain Isabella through the most severe from it with cuddling and skin-to-skin get in touch with. Continue reading